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Silos into Sandboxes

The Larimer County Sandbox is a group of nonprofits committed to making life easier for families.

We do this by co-creating campus-style hubs across the county that are anchored by affordable childcare and out-of-school opportunities for youth 0-18.

Combining resources in one place gives families peace of mind that their child is safe and supported while minimizing transportation time, freeing families up to be dependable employees, engaged caregivers, and connected community members.

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Current members of the Larimer County Sandbox include:

How is the Larimer County Sandbox different from other organizations or collaborations in Larimer County? We are...


From resources to ideas, we’re committed to sharing what we have and what we’re learning to improve how we work together. We understand that operating in silos is not serving anyone well, which is why the Sandbox is different. We choose collaboration over competition, transparency over ambiguity, and trust over fear.


We aren’t just creating simple solutions, we’re completely reshaping the system. We appreciate that every community has unique needs that require thoughtful, creative, and unique ideas. We take key learnings from one project to create efficiencies for another, while understanding that every solution must be tailored to the needs of the people we aim to serve.


Families don’t have a village to offer support anymore. They have to go to several organizations or government agencies for different services. It often falls to the families to ensure everyone is on the same page, and between transportation, child care, and work demands, siloed care leads to gaps in services (or simply not accessing services). The Sandbox is building a village for families in places and spaces that offer convenience and create connection and belonging.

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